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London - the English capital is always a great experience. But one of the highlights of our trip to London was probably the visit of the Queen musical “We Will Rock You” at the old Dominion Theatre in the west of London.  

The story is an exciting, futuristic love story. On planet "Mail" people are similar and everyone has to consume what is required, even self-composed music is forbidden. Galileo and Scaramouch are a young boy and girl, who do not want to live in such a society, because they cannot behave like all the others - both are a bit mad, but still nice and funny. After being brainwashed by the government they can escape and find protection at the "Bohemians", a group dressed like punks searching for a leader and still believing in old times when music was an expression of feelings. They call the old time "The Rapsody". After some problems Galileo finds the last guitar on the planet and brings music back.

The musical is full of British humour, with many jokes about Cliff Richard and Britney Spears, but we were able to understand everything very well. Nearly 30 old Queen songs, interpreted a bit differently, did not let the spectators stay on their seats very long. All in all, this musical is a brilliant composition of a simple story, a great band, great songs, good choreography and good actors. For everyone who just likes songs like “We Will Rock You” or “We Are The Champions” this musical is worth seeing and a great memory of London.

Anne Balleier